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Investor Relations Program


All material information about the Corporation which could adversely affect its viability or the interests of the stockholders shall be publicly and timely disclosed. Such information shall include, among others, earnings results, acquisition or disposition of assets, off balance sheet transactions, related party transactions, and direct and indirect remuneration of the Board and Management. All such information shall be disclosed through the facilities of The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. and submissions to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The objective of the investor relations program is to communicate the Company’s long term strategic vision and to get across the Company’s corporate messages and objectives. The investor relations program aims to present the Company’s stock as an attractive investment alternative, develop a diverse shareholder base of institutional and individual investors, maintain a ready market for the Company’s securities for future capital raising. The investor relations program also aims to protect the rights of the stockholders.


The guiding principles are:

    • Transparency – communication has to be as transparent and as open as possible;
    • Efficiency – use of modern technology and other media in a timely manner to communicate messages in a timely manner;
    • Clarity – Uniform and clear messages shall be communicated to target audiences.

The Board of Directors of I-Remit, Inc. upholds the rights of the stockholders as provided in the Corporation Code: Voting Rights; Power of Inspection: Rights to Information: Rights to Dividends; and, Appraisal Rights. The Board aims to promote stockholders’ rights, remove impediments to the exercise of stockholders’ rights and allow opportunities to seek redress for violation of their rights.