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Corporate Social Responsibility


Giving Something Back to the People

I-Remit takes pride in being an ardent advocate of social responsibility and good corporate citizenship. It pursues corporate activities with a social conscience and commits itself to initiatives that “give something back” to society particularly, the OFWs and their families. iCare embodies I-Remit’s social programs for the community that focus on two (2) of the greatest concerns of OFWs: education and livelihood.

Learning for Life

iCare aims to impart a lasting legacy to the children and families of OFWs by contributing to the learning and development of young people in a classroom setting through volunteerism. I-Remit’s employees contribute three (3) working days in a year for knowledge sharing, tutoring, mentoring and training. Under the guidance of school advisers, the Company’s employees invest their time and share their knowledge and experience for homework assistance, basic reading, writing, and public speaking, and in arts and crafts activities. I-Remit has teamed up with Synergeia Foundation in the Learning for Life Campaign. I-Remit and Synergeia Foundation dedicate the first day of school each year in a public outreach campaign to raise awareness, generate public support and mobilize resources for children’s education in the country. Recently, the Grade 1 pupils of the P. Guevara Elementary School in Binondo were the recipients of school supplies. In June 2009, I-Remit has also turned over funds to Synergeia Foundation to support the reading proficiency program of the school’s Grade 1 pupils.

“I-Remit is proud of being a great advocate of social responsibility, global citizenship and sustainable business practices. The Company believes in conducting its business activities with a social conscience. As a responsible Corporate Citizen, I-Remit is committed in its initiatives to serve communities particularly, the overseas foreign workers and their families.”

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