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I-Remit Vancouver Conquered Yukon!

Yukon is a territory of Canada. But when it comes to remittance, Yukon is now a new territory of I-Remit.

I-Remit is the first Filipino remittance company to land in Yukon. With approximately 500-strong Filipinos in the area, the company sees potential to expand business. Ms. Belinda Herrera, Managing Director of I-Remit Canada and Wilfredo Sinconegue, I-Remit Vancouver Branch Head, visited the place to meet up with a potential agent, Ms. Ailene Gayangos and explore a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on labor, employment and human resource deployment between the Philippines and Yukon.

Ms. Gayangos was really impressed with the products and services of I-Remit that she immediately signed up as agent and issued a check of $2,000 as her initial deposit. She also began preparing all necessary documents required to be an agent.

Judging from the reception that I-Remit received from Filipino customers in the area, the trip can be considered a success.

Whitehorse welcomes iRemit Canada officers and agent Aileen Gayangos

Whitehorse welcomes I-Remit Canada officers and agent Aileen Gayangos


Willy Sinconegue was a big hit with the lady remitters

Willy Sinconegue was a big hit with the lady remitters


Briefing at agent`s house

Briefing at agent`s house


Customers go through forms

Customers go through forms


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